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Divine Messages

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Transformation to Peace: A piece of my journey

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When covid hit, my son was immunocompromised from Leukemia treatment and I could no longer work in person for fear of risking his health. With my kid’s health needs at the forefront, I had to surrender to my heart and find a new way to help my clients. When I had to close my physical practice it was heartbreaking but my son’s care came first. I felt lost, trying to figure out how to take my hands on healing practice to an online business. I wanted to find a way to create the same life changing h…

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Clear Your To Do list with Mercury Retrograde

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Mercury retrograde gets a bad reputation. I have definitely had my fair share of tech crashing, traffic jams, miscommunications, and arguments from mercury retrograde, but the more I learned about my chart, the more I could see the deeper purpose for those frustrating occurrences.

They all occurred when I was moving too fast, or pushing too hard. If instead i paused, slowed down, and took some time for reflection, I would have life changing epiphanies that freed my energy up to move forward.


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Am I Spellbound?

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Do you struggle to fully show up in your business- just as you are? You may be spellbound.
What even is that?
If you know that there is more to you that you have been trying to step into, that you have tried all the things, but there is just some block that you don't even know what it is-then you may be spellbound.

Perhaps you no longer want to play small, follow the path others laid out for you. You are ready to do things your way, to step fully into your power. Perhaps you already are…

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