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Divine Messages


Clear Your To Do list with Mercury Retrograde

mercury retrograde (2)

Mercury retrograde gets a bad reputation. I have definitely had my fair share of tech crashing, traffic jams, miscommunications, and arguments from mercury retrograde, but the more I learned about my chart, the more I could see the deeper purpose for those frustrating occurrences.

They all occurred when I was moving too fast, or pushing too hard. If instead i paused, slowed down, and took some time for reflection, I would have life changing epiphanies that freed my energy up to move forward.


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The strike that lightens: Uranus and North Node Conjunction

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Things have been a bit crazy. I have had so many people ask me if Mercury is retrograde because Tech is super glitchy, communication is going haywire, things are shifting suddenly.

Today, Uranus and the North Node are making an exact conjunction. I have been feeling this energy building for the last few weeks really, and if you are sensitive, you may also have felt this building. 

So why is it effecting your tech and communication?

Uranus is a higher vibration of Mercury, so it can have simil…

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