Balance in between

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I learned a long time ago that anything can be sacred if you believe that it is. This upcoming spring or vernal equinox is that way. For some people, it has no meaning, and for others they see the power in recognizing the pause in between, the fleeting moment of “perfect balance.” I say this in quotes because there is a notion of balance that is just a story. What we think about balance, a state, doesn’t exist. The way I see balance is an active process— to balance, is a continuous process of adjustments and microadjustments. There is an attempt, a seeking for that center point, the still point. The journey there can be anything but still.

Balance is a place between opposing forces. If you have ever felt like you are being pulled in different directions, have you felt the place in the center where the opposing forces actually helps to stabilize? If you have ever done balance postures in yoga, tai chi, or spins in dance, then you see how balance is a very active process. It forces you to be mindful, bring more of yourself to this moment. It changes based on whether your focus is contracted or expansive. You get direct experience that your consciousness determines your reality.

So what consciousness are you going to bring to the spring (vernal) equinox? The recognition of the wheel turning, the seasons turning, and that brief moment of balance as the spring surges for new growth.


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