The difference between easy and ease

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So do you take the easy road or the path of ease, and how can you tell the difference?! Spiritual gurus and law of attraction leaders are always talking about bringing in more ease, but as a transformation coach, I see everyday how that brings a lot of confusion for people when it comes down to choices. 

When you focus on the path ahead, aka, future tripping, the confusion will only grow. The trick is to understand where are you standing right now? What state are you in? Scarcity mindset and abundance mindset are other terms that are thrown around, and most people don't know how to reprogram it- terrified to attract more of the scarcity that they find themselves in, and the abundance continues to elude them.

I like to think of it as the flow of energy. Scarcity mindset is where we are looking to fill ourselves, make ourselves whole (because we don't feel whole.) It is a state of emptiness, like a black hole. The black hole attracts anything that gets close, but what happens when it enters the black hole? It disappears into the void. So no matter what, it is an endless state of emptiness. So if you feel empty, what you attract, whatever you seek, when it comes, it will only result in emptiness.

On the other hand, abundance is a state of fullness- so full that the energy naturally flows out. Picture a flower that is blooming, and continuing to open up beautiful layer after layer, or a water fountain that continuously flows out, constantly in a state of fullness. 

So what are you experiencing-- emptiness or fullness? This is the key to the results you will get (even though it really is about the journey, not the result, but that is for another day.) Whatever you do from emptiness, will bring you more emptiness; What you do from fullness, will bring more fullness. 

"So what does this have to do with the easy road and the path of ease?"

This is the key to clarity. When you are trying to figure out what path to take and you are looking at, "It's just easier to do this, because what I'm doing is too hard." Check it out, are you in a state of emptiness, or fullness? Guaranteed you are in a state of emptiness, struggling, and trying, so you go to what is easy. Trick is that it isn't really easy anyway, or you wouldn't have gotten to this place. You can't do the same OLD thing and get NEW results. The easy road is coming from being tired of fighting the current; if you swim upstream and get tired, you only end up getting swept up in the tides, and maybe go under. 

The path of ease comes from fullness, wholeness and abundance. There is ease because it is in the constant flow that is continuously replenishing. There is a co-creative energy, of working with and being supported by the universe, an intricate and magickal dance, like surfing, or riding the river rapids. These are very different energies. 

So what do you do?

First step is identify where you are at: emptiness or fullness.

Once you've done that, never make big decisions from a state of emptiness, it's not going to get you what you want. So the job then is to shift your vibration. 

How do you shift your vibration? You already know the answer inside. Stop fighting what you already know. Start trusting yourself (more on that later as well. ) If you are tired, then rest. If you feel stuck, then move your body. If you feel bored, then change it up. Maybe you need to pause and reflect, get some space and distance so you can re-evaluate where you are at. Then re-approach once you have clarity.

You will find the path of ease is closer than you think.


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