The strike that lightens: Uranus and North Node Conjunction

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Things have been a bit crazy. I have had so many people ask me if Mercury is retrograde because Tech is super glitchy, communication is going haywire, things are shifting suddenly.

Today, Uranus and the North Node are making an exact conjunction. I have been feeling this energy building for the last few weeks really, and if you are sensitive, you may also have felt this building. 

So why is it effecting your tech and communication?

Uranus is a higher vibration of Mercury, so it can have similar things going on. Uranus is very unpredictable, so this is why you have been seeing sudden changes. When it comes to the North Node, there is an expansion of energy here, so things can be pretty combustible. 

Uranus has the energy of lightening: sudden and powerful! It is beautiful, mesmerizing even, and terrifying at the same time. This can come as sudden inspiration, revelations. It can spark fire, scorch it. It can also come as spontaneous healing, where suddenly what we have been working on healing for years, maybe decades may be completely healed in a moment.

Sometimes things need to burst or explode. Natural forces are not always neat and clean. They are messy, unpredictable, wild. What is shifting and changing is all about our alignment. It can be challenging to connect in times like this, connect to ourselves, to nature, to spirit, to others, but this is exactly the time that we need to connect to ourselves, and to spirit. This is when it is most important.

The lightening comes down from the sky above us, from the cosmos, and grounds into the earth. It cannot do anything else. The things that are happening now are here for our larger alignment. You are the literal connection between the cosmos and the earth. It may bring some fire, and sometimes fire is what it takes to transform your situation, and sometimes that is what leads to a feeling of lightening.⚡️⚡️⚡️

How are the things happening for you now actually expanding you and leading you further, deeper on your path?


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