Clear Your To Do list with Mercury Retrograde

mercury retrograde (2)

Mercury retrograde gets a bad reputation. I have definitely had my fair share of tech crashing, traffic jams, miscommunications, and arguments from mercury retrograde, but the more I learned about my chart, the more I could see the deeper purpose for those frustrating occurrences.

They all occurred when I was moving too fast, or pushing too hard. If instead i paused, slowed down, and took some time for reflection, I would have life changing epiphanies that freed my energy up to move forward.

One of these epiphanies epiphanies cleared my to do list from then on. 

I realized that all the unfinished projects that rented space in my mind, didn't need to be there. I had this notion, this idea that it is necessary to complete things, books, craft projects and so on. What if I didn't? What if instead I cleared everything from my list, from my mind and from my heart, and only put on there what I still had passion and motivation to complete?

So I did. And then my life changed.

I no longer had the, "I should be doing this... or that...." dialogue in my head. It was the Mari Kondo for my heart and soul, which I did by focusing on my to do list. In fact, Once I did this, I was able to get rid of some of the things I struggled with the most: Books and craft supplies. 

Now I hear that everyone may not be up for this level of clearing, but I can tell you that my energy opened up in a huge way since doing that. So even if you aren't ready to go all in, just focusing the next 3 weeks on tying up loose ends and finishing up your unfinished projects during this Mercury Retrograde will benefit you and release loads of energy. Many times this is what is holding us back.


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